Rich Text Messaging

Here are some numbers that make a  strong case for Text Message Marketing


  • Companies using Text Message Marketing in the USA are attributing  $71.00 income to every single dollar spent on Text Message Marketing (TMM)
  • The same companies are claiming 20.5% of their onine revenues are being generated from TMM
  • The channel has grown 1250% since 2016
  • The Text Message Marketing Industry will be 30 x larger (by revenue than the email industry( by 2028
  • McKinsey, Gartner and Forrester all claim TMM as the fastest growing B2C channel and TMM playing a very significant role in bringing the distance between brands and their regular clients.
  • Look at just the  predictions for the US market at almost $70 billion by 2028



There is concern for many brands. In this new socially distanced world, brands run the risk of losing their faithful to online  product sellers, to purchasers who search for products and may be reluctant to walk in to brand stores.


Brand  faithful customers may transition to more user friendly online experiences.  Therefore, retaing brand engagement is going to be key – and Rich Text Message Marketing will most likley be a big driver. Because Rich text Message Marketing delivers:

  • Instant, Visual, Trusted  & 2WAY
  • Guaranteed Receipted Delivery
  • 98% open rates
  • To an “ Always on”  Audience
  • Accessible on  100% of smartphones
  • To consumers in the USA, UK  &  AUS – that has achieved 100% smartphone penetration


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