Cart Abandonment Sorted

This article talks to the need for vendors to re-assess their current cart abandonment policies and reminders.

There is no argument that we (as consumers)  are getting more impatient, want to get things done quickly, prefer to get it done on our phone if it’s easy, and generally hate any friction in our purchasing process.    The checkout is the same, and if it’s a bit clunky, slow, doesn’t put in my card or  recognise my address, I will probably dump and run.  On a mobile, if it’s cluncky, I am out of there.

I personally love going to vendors with Shopify Pay,  I am not sure it’s super secure, but I am sure it’s super easy, and I am in and out of that check-out.  It’s great on the desktop, a bit clunky on the mobile, but they’ll fix that.  They are going in the right direction.  We also gave Fast a go, but the experience wasn’t as good. Although it’s a great idea, generated here in Australia.   I even bought a Fast T Shirt, it only took less than 60 seconds to make the purchase – although it did take 3 months to get delivered.  I then tried it on mobile, and had to re load my data – apparently it’s device dependent – and cookie driven, so if you delete browsing data, it gets rid of the cookie and it’s back to data re-entry.

This brings me onto reminders from vendors that  chase me like a crazy ex-girlfriend when I abondon in the cart or during the check-out.  If I dumped and ran, it was probably that your idea and my idea of what is frictionless and timely may not match. As a consumer, I think my expectations are reasonable – and it’s not my fault that your systems don’t meet my needs.

Let me say that no amount of messages such as -below are going to work on me.

  • you left this in your cart
  • it’s your last chance
  • did you forget something
  • we have reduced the delivery charge
  • stock is running out
  • can we help you
  • did something go wrong
  • check out now before they are gone

You can email me once, but this week I received 11 different follow up checkout emails. and you know what.  You did harm ! you crazy ex supplier,  and I know why,  its because you were thinking about you, and your sales, and NOT me, my issues and my expectations for ease in purchasing.  This is the issue for ALL retailers –  there is a gap in what you can deliver to us, and what we expect – and that gap is HUGE on mobile.

A Revolution in Cart Abandonment

Some companies are now using SMS follow ups, (after the first email) with a link to the cart –  and this is definately delivering better cart/checkout abandoment conversions.  Recently announced and in trial, is an even better solution. From April 2021, vendors will be able to insert into their customer journey builders, the ability to automate an SMS and or  MMS message, delivered direct to the users phone – with a  that will render a one step order confirmation page on the phone, enabling the receiver to purchase immediately, by pushing the confirm purchase button on the mobile screen. (when we say immedietly, we are talking 5-10 seconds).

The service, will be delivered by MobileDigital, as an additional TextCommerce Module within its SNIPERMobile MCPaas (Mobile Communications Platform as a Service) Vendors will be able to API to their CRM,  use the value within their  exisiting data collection, decisioning and triggering systems.

For the very reason you were attracted to reading this article, is one of the reasons this new service will increase conversions.   We love visuals, they are emotional, and a picture is worth 6,000 words. By sending the picture of the products in the checkout directly to the phone, witha  one “button” link to a pre-populated order confirmation page –  friction is removed from the process of purchase, and the emotional pull of the products are inserted.

The Logic

Exisiting systems have been put in place within organisations to capture data, make decisions and trigger responses. To date most triggers set off emails (for cost reasons), and in some instances now SMS’s messages are being used.  The trouble is if your email or SMS just takes the customer back to the same checkout – the same “stuff” that held back the purchase last time may hold them back again.

This is even more important to consider when pushing a cart abandon  message as an SMS –  they may have abandoned a web based cart,  they were purchasing on a desktop.  Sending them to the mobile web version of your cart is highly unlikley to deliver a much better response. If you are using text to promote sales, then making the whole thing easy to complete on the mobile is  the best solution – with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Convenience has to be at the core of online purchasing, and on mobile any friction hurts.  When we work with our clients, we always stress, if you promote to mobile, then enable the sale to be closed on mobile.  Mobile is a different world, and if your eCommerce platform is clunky, or your customer cannot achieve what they want in 10-20 seconds –  you have probably watsed their time, and your money.

The Solution

Organisations have introduced if when/logic in journey planners to move up the contact channel, based on the actions, or lack of action taken.   The data, decisioning and triggering is available and can be used to extend the options vendors have, by creating a text based,  frictionless, immediate, implulse purchase options that puts the abandond cart in the mobile users hand, and gives them the immediate option to compete the transaction and get it done in 10 to 20 seconds.   No password required,  no logon, no entering username.







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