Retail Email Open Rates 12.6%

This is a very quick read, it’s all tables, and may explain why CRM Managers are experiencing challenges, as the Post Covid world has really given email a shake, and probably why retailers are having to investigate other channels.  Email is cheap, and well established so nobody will stop emailing –  but according to this data, CRM Managers will be required to keep massaging their email lists and approaches as its value and use will no doubt reduce in proportion to its usefulness.

So from 2019 to 2021, email in retail has experienced the biggest drop in open rates. While others, have actually grown.  So email is still very valuable in some instances.   Open rate is most commonly expressed as a percentage and calculated by dividing the number of email messages opened by the total number of email messages sent (excluding those that bounced.

Retail also  experienced the largest drop in CTR,  Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a email.

Even more worrying for the CRM Manager,  retail email experienced the largest drop in Click to Open, and probably why p[roducts like SMS and MMS have taken off.    Unlike click-through rate, click-to-open rate is the number of clicks out of the number of opens (instead of the number of delivered emails).  So with a Click through rate of 1.1%, we are talking 8.5% of 1.1% –  so email and the people managing email have challenges.



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