The dog ate your email.

Have we reached the stage that ” I didn’t get your email” is now a legitimate excuse?

It appears so. I was with a marketer yesterday, and I asked him what he thought about email, and its role as a marketing tool going forward.  I have to say, most of his response was predictable –  the stuff we all think.  Gets too many emails, only reads relevant to business and family emails and deletes the rest etc.  I  asked  – with that process-  you might miss important emails?

His reply is why I am posting this today – because sometimes –  one sentence just kills in its ability to capture the essence of a situation.

“I just tell them the dog ate their email – they can’t prove I got it, or that I opened it, that I haven’t deleted in error, or my spam filters didn’t just push it into a folder I never looked  at ” – it seems we have reached that time when we need to re-evaluate the worth of email.

There are some challenges ahead! Most companies have spent the last 10 years trying to get us to take their bills via email – what an exception management nightmare and cost “the dog ate your email” must be – and it is only going to get worse.

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