Empathy and Consumer Touch Points

There is a lot of work being done in the UK on the customer experience and the value of empathy in the context of a customer relationship, and each interaction. This discussion talks to the value of dealing with people as individuals, personally and in the context of your relationship with them. We have taken some page excerpts from a paper published by OpenMarket on this Empathetic Interaction concept, as we believe they are correct. Mobile consumers are people, and you are contacting them on their device. Therefore it is important that they are treated with respect, understanding, personally, and in context – that is empathetic.  The full copy of this paper is available by contacting OpenMarket – but we think we got the key messages.

When reading this – please replace  SMS with text messaging – as some of the views are a bit dated and do not consider the resurgence of MMS as a visual delivery method and the extensive work that is being done on RCS by MVNO’s like OpenMarket, CLX et al.

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