Emarsys Enhance Integration

MobileDigital enhance integration, in response to a request from a number our clients using Emarsys. Our founders tacked a visit to the Emarsys Head Office in Vienna onto a UK business development and investor trip.   As a result of our meeting, the company resolved to enter into the Enhance Partner program.  The program was designed to offer Emarsys clients the ability to work with other companies to “enhance” the functionality of the Emarsys platform.  MobileDigital saw the opportunity to work with Emarsys, as they did not have a partner capable of sending personalized messages via MMS or RCS.

MobileDigital worked with Emarsys and their clients to develop a single sign-on option that Emarsys clients could use to access the functionality of the SNIPER Dashboard from within the Emarsys platform. This enabled one-stop data management and avoids duplication and double touching of records.

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