FLUFFY vs ROI The CMO and CTO Challenge

Finding the right balance between measurable and fluffy is the tough task for today’s CTO and CMO. To say the CMO doesn’t carry a sales target would involve time travel to simpler times.

If attribution truly worked, the problem would be solved, however, it isn’t that easy. Each of these cartoons captures our views and the delicate balance that has to be achieved when spending your company’s money to get results. Social is tough, it is getting more expensive and if Ritson is right, is it NOT really a B2C platform, and just represents lots of activity, feeling good doing stuff kind of thing – but it can be like eating soup through a fork.

The challenge is how to get the right balance, and numbers don’t lie. Any business driven by measurement of EVERYTHING  that is MEASURABLE has a much better chance of less fluffy and more real. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Remember, fluffy costs, and usually costs a lot, these words can cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have no way of being measured. Watch out for the big COST words in fluffy, content, creativity, coverage, think more about words like; segment, test, retest, refine and scale.

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