Gartner publishes a number of analyst reports each year, they are detailed and breakdown the key areas of business in the IT space – they are highly regarded and usually the same players figure heavily, being SalesForce, Oracle, SAS, Adobe and SAP, see the attached: Magic Quadrant Article.

A new magic Quadrant report into Mobile Marketing Platforms was first launched in July 2018, and this year it has been revised and released again. As we are a 100% mobile obsessed company that thinks of mobile as both device and channel, we were very disappointed to see that our company didn’t figure in what is a very exciting and interesting piece of research – which you can download here.

The fine print says we are not doing enough revenue, (nobody asked), but I suspect that this is correct. However our size, and location here in Australia should not stop the world looking at the things we do in the mobile space, SNIPER’s incredible functionality and the unique set of DIY mobile marketing tools we provide to our clients. We absolutely believe that our process patent for writing to visual messages, our results with marketers in Australia and the UK, and the unique nature of what we offer qualifies us to be part of the chart.

I have attached the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing chart that has all players and where analysts believe they are positioned as a challenger or a leader, a visionary or a niche player. The 4 most successful companies in the top right quadrant are probably not known to you, but for our company since we started in 2013 these four (4) organisations and a few other companies such as TaTango, Waterfall and MGage and have consistently been the running mates we have measured our functionality against.

These organisations have been around a lot longer than MobileDigital, have immediate access to a huge market of clients and potential investment. However, we are very confident that our SNIPER Purpose Built Mobile Marketing Platform, developed in Australia should be right up there in the top right hand side mix.

Whilst self praise is no recommendation, we choose for our own convenience to balance that against the god helps those who help themselves idiom. So, because we can, we have superimposed our view of the SNIPER platform in the context of its functionality against other purpose built mobile platforms. We have also sought to introduce ourselves to the to Gartner Analysts who published this years report.

The SNIPER platform is purpose-built mobile marketing platform and exploits mobile specific features & enables direct-marketing engagement capabilities including SMS and other technologies , campaign design, geo location notifications, delivery and reporting, pushmessaging, gift card and mobile wallet integration. SNIPER can link to existing marketing platforms, such as email and social marketing as well as CRM’s It can operate as stand-alone solutions within a marketing organization or agency.

SNIPER started later than many of the companies listed in the top right hand “Magic Quadrant” – but we see that as our strength, we are not adapting an advertising services based model to mobile marketing – we are putting an incredibly powerful visual marketing tool in marketers hands enabling them to curate, personalise, track, add to wallet, push message , geo-tag and go full 2way – and do it all themselves, immediately, easily and inhouse, using the channel of choice SMS, MMS, RCS or OTT.

Maybe next year.

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