Leaders in Text Message Marketing 

MobileDigital is Australia’s most experienced text message marketing company. Since 2013 our founder Eibhlis has backed her vision the mobile handset would become the most valuable B2C engagement tool available to businesses.   Since then  MobileDigital has been fully committed to designing an easy to use, high function inhouse user platform  enabling businesses with the flexibility, freedom, ease of use and functionality to manage the most powerful customer engagement channel  marketers have ever had access to.

There is a big difference in sending a text message as an appointment reminder, a delivery advice or a secuirty code to authorise a secure transaction.  Text marketing is a significant step away from transactional text messaging.  Irrespective of who sends your company’s transactional texts  text marketing is a different kettle of fish.It’s easy to get started with Mobile Message Marketing,  the challenge is stick with it, even if your intitial trials disappoint. Message marketing is NOT email, and requires a new set of skills, a new approach and a commitment from the organisation to allocate resources and develop the skills within your organisation to become good at it.

MobileDigital’s business has been devoted ONLY mobile message marketing since 2013.  Our company has developed a global leading set of tools and personalisation capabilities  that enable marketers with an easy to use and implement full  function text marketing platform that can deliver unique personalised visual and text campaigns on a 1:1 basis,  at scale.

Text marketing messages are the most accessable channel to the consumer marketers have ever had.  98% plus delivery, instantly and directly to your audience’s always on device.  Marketers have never had a channel this powerful.   No matter how good the channel, and irrespective of how powerful and easy to use our platform is, at MobileDigital we believe in suppporting your experimenting and testing of what works and what doesn’t work for you and  your clients.  Working with MobileDigital we hope  you’ll value our assistance and skills as Australia’s most experienced specialist  text marketing organisation.

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