MMS the lost marketing gem.

Why is MMS Important to Marketers

MMS stands for Multimedia Message Service.  Simply, MMS is SMS with pictures, gifs, video, text, links and a VCARD.  Better still, using MobileDigital’s SaaS Platform, marketers can personalise every MMS.

SMS is 160 characters, MMS in Australia is 300kb guaranteed  to be delivered to every smart phone.

When email started it was raw, but it improved and soon could be personalised and send brand and product visuals. About that same time MMS traffic fell off a cliff. At the time that made sense, email was cheaper, a lot cheaper,  but as email open rates drop and email loses cut through and potency…MMS is back, and back  big time.

MMS grew a massive 28% in 2020 (USA).   Why – because its visual and guarantees to be seen like an SMS text. 90plus %in 3 minutes.  Plus, because its visual and costs, no  SPAM trust issues and lots of brand building, brand messaging and memory capability.

MobileDigital’s patent to write to  each unique MMS enables brands to self manage the production and personalisation of every visual message, on the image, offering 22 unique data tags that are unique to each recipient at scale.

An MMS is guaranteed to be delivered within Australia (an interconnect agreement between the carriers) as long as the MMS remains under 300kb.

There are 4 core elements to an MMS:

  1. The Subject Heading
  2. The MMS image that can be .png or .gif (multiple images played in sequence in a loop) or a 40 second video.  Each set of multimedia images, including data tags is recommended to be no larger than 220kb. SNIPER contains a compression tool that enables larger images to be reduced in pixel size and offers users a side by side comparison to illustrate what they will look like on the phone when delivered – often the human eyes cannot see the compression – however the side by side tool is very powerful.
  3. The Text ( or SMS  component of the message) can be upto 1,000 characters, however the use of too many charcters can send the visual component of the message off delivery screen, requiring the receiver to scroll to see the vision.
  4.  An MMS message can also contain a link to enable a VCard, containing contact details to be stored in contacts on the receivers phone, as well as ensuring that all messages are attached to the contact card, as both a message trust builder and also containing key contact information and contact links.

The Human brain processes MMS images 60,000 times faster than SMS text, Marketers have 8 to 12 seconds to capture the attention of the consumer (Microsoft Canada claim 6 ) MMS shows 300% more engagement than an SMS only message  (TaTango) MMS Click through rate usually 15% higher than SMS (mGage) –

  • MobileDigital see SMS @7% to 12%  click through and MMS at 15% to 40% click through (averages).
  • MMS Coupons have 8x higher redemption rates than email coupons (mGage).
  • 67% of users say images are very important when making purchase decisions
  • MMS Outreaches 8x more likely to be shared on social media (Twilio)
  • Content  with visuals gets 94% more views 90% of consumers prefer text communication with an organisation above phone call or email (GSMA)
  • MMS has a much longer  brand memory tail,  with 98% seeing brand messaging having direct correlation to increasing email open rates  improving trust in SMS sales messaging
  • MMS provides the best brand access to a client available, however the content, timing and imagery in the messaging is very important, as direct to the mobile inbox is NOT email, it is far more intrusive.

Our knowledge of the differences between MMS and SMS and their value as communication channels is contnually developing as a result of experimentation and trials with our clients.  In the last 18 months we have recognised MMS’s value in unexpected ways

  • MMS delivers higher results when re-activation campaigns are run
  • Firms using a mix of SMS and MMS have found the spend of those who receive an MMS is 35 to 42% higher that those who receive an SMS
  • MMS’s visuals and messages  are remembered for months vs SMS have very short term recall
  • MMS  and SMS campaigns work co-operatively for best success when a time frame offer is in place
  • MMS has a significantly positive  impact on email open rates
  • MMS is superior when seeking first customer fulfillmnet and second purchase offering

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