Seeing is Remembering: The Pictorial Superiority Effect

Ensure your brand is remembered—go visual.

Studies into the Pictorial Superiority Effect have found that when it comes to our memory, vision trumps all other senses:

  • After 72 hours, an image will retain 65% accuracy in the human brain compared to the 10% accuracy rate of written text
  • After 12 months, an image is still presenting at a 63% accuracy rate
  • After viewing 2500 images, the human brain can still remember them with 90% accuracy

By opting for visual messaging, your client will receive memorable marketing materials directly to their mobile phone. This can include personalised coupons, product promotions, sales offers and brand images.

With a click-through rate of 60%, messaging is the ideal way to successfully connect with your client. Not only is your message more likely to be received than an email, it’s also more likely to be remembered because of the visual format.

Don’t send wordy emails your audience will forget—send an image that will stick in their brain for months.

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