Showpo Same Day Delivery

Showpo is a Sydney-based, Australian online fashion retailer. Primarily aimed at young women, the company’s vision is “to be her go to place to shop”.  As of June 2017, Showpo’s annual revenue was $30 million, with 35% of sales occurring internationally.

Showpo’s CEO Jane Lu has described the company’s social media branding as its “biggest competitive advantage”.  As of Feb 2018  the company had 1.1 million followers on Facebook.

MobileDigital has been working with Showpo since 2016 – they have used animated MMS  promotions to reward VIP’s, re-engage their clients who may not have purchased in a while with coupon offers and also used personalised MMS as invitations to special events.  In this case Showpo used an animated MMS message to advise all of their Sydney customers of their new same day delivery service.

Whilst there was no remarkable sales uplift on the day of the announcement, Showpo were guaranteed through delivery receipts that over 99% of their mobile clients in Sydney had seen that Showpo was offering same day delivery.

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