Global Messaging Conference, London, November  2016

In November 2016 our Managing Director attended this global conference to discuss the future of messaging.  At that meeting, MobileDigital had the opportunity to engage with the worlds largest messaging players and discuss SMS, RCS and MMS and the role the industry sees for mobile messaging as a value-added business tool, not just a transactional product.

During the conference, we had constructive meetings with CLX, mGage, SAP, Telefonica, Route Mobile, IMI Mobile, OpenMarket and Vodafone.

Whilst the conference was very SMS centric, discussions about the uncertainty of RCS were the big topic.  We also had the opportunity to meet with some key players in the Mobile EcoSystem Forum, as we had become a member in 2016 and it was an excellent opportunity to gauge if that body was an appropriate information exchange forum for MobileDigital to remain informed about the progress of messaging in the UK and Europe.

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