MMS Auckland

We ventured across the ditch in April 2017 to discuss the opportunity to introduce A2P MMS into New Zealand and whilst there, John spoke at The MMS Summit and engaged with some very smart marketers. Within a week we had a signed a new client based in New Zealand. However,  the total absence of an A2P MMS solution and no immediate connection arrangements we put any expansion into NZ on hold, pending the announcement of an A2P MMS offering supported by Vodafone, 2Degrees and Spark.

In the month that followed, we had promising meetings with all three carriers, who verbally agreed on the MMS opportunity.  However,  given the size of the market and the absence of agreement on what A2P MMS would look like and no indication of how charging would work  – we have determined to watch the NZ market but not commit until we see an offering.

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