SNIPER in the UK

We travelled to the UK in February to attend a eTail 2019 conference held at Twickenham Stadium (the Home of Rugby).  We saw no Rugby but we did have the opportunity to meet with some significant UK retailers. There was no doubt among the people we spoke to in CMO and CTO roles that there demand from retailers for a new way to reach consumers visually, and there is a definite shortage of options in the market for retailers.

We met with a number of senior people, all noted that email open rates were dropping.  Due in large part to a number of key shifts in consumer and provider behaviour.

  • most people access email on the phone, and scrolling unsolicited email is not appealing
  • SPAM filters have sorted a fair amount of mail into Junk, Updates, promotions or Social, and we tend to read ONLY the Primary emails
  •  there is an increasing view that there are multiple organisation over using email, and risk negative brand impact
  • 80% of consumers do not want to be emailed by organisations

The very good news is that everyone we spoke to saw the applicability for an in house visual messaging offering, and they were suprised and delighted with what  SNIPER could do for them.

Look out United Kingdom – here come the Aussies.

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