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is changing the game
for Retailers

Enhance customer relationships through tailored personalised two-way messaging. Optimize your e-commerce marketing approach
using a high-performance SMS and MMS platform.

Discover how intouch can increase revenues by offering
superior mobile experiences including Digital Wallet passes, 2-tap instant product purchasing and Personalized Gift Cards direct to mobile.

Mobile commerce

Discover how intouch can work for your e-commerce business

Build brand loyalty

See second purchase costs drop 600% in 30 days just by offering a branded free shipment on second purchase to new customers.

Awake the dead

Reactivate the interest of customers who have gone quiet with powerful marketing capabilities. Use proven tools to reach inactive customers.

Sales campaigns

Create powerful sales campaigns that convert your customers. Reach inactive customers, harnessing conversion rates as high as 20%.

Strengthen brand engagement

Most purchasing decisions start by searching memory, not Google. Enable 100% of the brand to be seen, reinforcing brand recognition.

New season offerings

Share visual marketing content of your new products directly to your customer's phone. Keep top of mind in your customer's buying journey.

Clearance sales

Share targeted promotions to your customer base, offering a Tap2Buy one tap purchase link. Make sales with no login required - a zero friction checkout.

Loyalty rewards

Enable loyalty passes to be stored in customer's native digital wallets with Add2Wallet. Push unlimited, targeted messages to your loyal customers.

Cart abandonment

Automate your customer journey to send multiple reminders of the products left in their cart. Create special offers to encourage customers purchase.

Fast checkout

Increase your conversion rates with Tap2Buy, an entirely frictionless, one tap mobile checkout.


Online sales is all about efficiency, data and automation. Deliver no-code function to automize all aspect of your customer journey.


Create engaging, personalized marketing graphics in the easiest, free-to-use online design tool. Use powerful visuals to communicate with your customers.


Discover how intouch can increase revenues by offering superior mobile experiences

Meet the customer where they want to be met

Over 90% of customers surveyed prefer text engagement with retailers ahead of phone call or email. (GSMA)

Onboard your clients

Reduce the cost of that all important second purchase from a new client. Use powerful powerful brand based onboarding incentives delivered directly to the mobile, ready for use.

100% messages viewed

Enable brands to send brand and product visuals, personalized for each customer and 100% of your messages are viewed. (MobileSquared 2022)

Personalized brand

Create rewards and loyalty incentives delivered visually and instantly. Encourage retail activity among your customers.

Conversational concierge

Encourage 2WAY chat with clients, talented sales teams will sell more at a keyboard than behind a counter.

Build your opted in mobile client list

Use QR codes, and retail rewards to encourage in-store shoppers to register as interested connected shoppers. There is enormous long term value in building your opted in mobile customer numbers.

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