Convert mobile shoppers into mobile buyers

Tap2Buy is designed to make buying on mobile frictionless, easy and fast.

Tap2Buy requires no typing, just one tap on an active promotion link to generate the order and a second tap to complete the purchase.
Say good-bye to passwords, usernames, email addresses and logons.

A truly mobile checkout

Deliver a unique checkout experience for your mobile customers.
Provide the fast and frictionless purchasing experience mobile shoppers expect.

Send targeted sales campaigns

Send personalized visual product sales offers to targeted groups and close more sales with Tap2Buy convenience.

Easy product management

Manage your products and stock levels natively to ensure that your customers can make purchases instantly with two taps

Zero friction fast checkout

Convert shoppers into purchasers. Capture more sales through the power of immediacy and convenience at the point of the promotion

Additional features

Manage and promote products to your customers via text message marketing.

Automated stock management

Manage products and stock levels to ensure your customers can make purchases instantly. Automate stock to populate and update natively.

Payment engine

Receive payments with a native payment engine, adding to the fast, zero friction checkout experience for your customers.

Personalise your offer

Personalise promotional offers of your products to your customers to ensure that you reach those who are most likely to make an instant purchase.

A/B testing

Increase customer conversions and test your campaigns against real audiences. Measure analytics and statistic to meet your conversion goals.

Build & manage customer lists

Manage and configure your communications opt-ins to segment customers based on their preferences. Build your list to grow your marketing campaigns.

Showcase your product with GIFs

Unlock the power of the moving image with enhanced GIF creation. Entertain, inform and convert customers while building recognition.

Order pre-populated

Pre-populate customer's orders automatically at checkout to avoid cart abandonment and create a truly frictionless checkout.

Tracking and reporting

Track and analyse your customer's engagement with real-time reporting tools. Measure success and progress towards your marketing goals.

Immediate revenue

Receive an immediate revenue increase by provided the easiest experience for your customers to buy, directly from their mobile device.

Reduce abandonment

Reduce the amount of customers abandoning their cart at checkout with instant purchase capabilities and cart reminders via text.

"We have been so fortunate to have access to the expert team at MobileDigital and the amazing intouch SaaS platform. This channel was new to our marketing mix and with the guidance and generosity from the team, it has proved to be an effective way to not only fundraise but communicate with our community to offer support when they need it. The platform itself is easy to use and the integration with Canva has made my life easier and helped HeartKids deliver effective MMS campaigns. We are excited to see how using intouch can further grow our reach and engagement with our community. "

Dianna Crisp Digital Strategy & Marketing Manager, HeartKids

"Pet Circle has been working with Mobile Digital since 2017, they help us to deliver personalised text messages in a very efficient way! Besides that, their support has been always helpful, allowing us to expand our strategies and think outside the box!  I highly recommend MobileDigital."

Michael Frizell Founder and CEO, PetCircle

"MobileDigital continues  to prove themselves to be a very technically capable organisation with a strong understanding of the day to day challenges of data driven retail.
The company has developed an industry leading  mobile customer engagement  platform that  focuses on the mobile customer experience, and has an outstanding commitment to customer service and support.
I am very happy to recommend MobileDigital. "

Sven Lindell  Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, The Winning Group

"I have worked with MobileDigital's SaaS messaging platform since 2017. Their innovative technology empowers brands by allowing them to extend their experiences directly into the hands of customers - anywhere, anytime.  We were able to create distinctive and differentiated campaigns with high performing commercial outcomes. I have also run many, many campaigns and have always been blown away by how professional and reliable their team have been. I continue to recommend intouch to my extended professional network."

James Kerridge Head of Marketing & Digital, Bailey Nelson.

"Lite n’ Easy has been using the SMS and MMS services provided by intouch for critical customer communications for several years now and we have always found the platform to be affordable, reliable and very effective."

Simon Northfield Head of Marketing, Lite n' Easy

"MobileDigital is an organisation that is passionate about the power and potential of mobile messaging and the role it can play in providing the next generation of customer journey. I have followed their progress since becoming a client in 2015. The company continues to innovate and consistently deliver customer centric technology that allows you to maintain one-on-one relationships with thousands of customers. I think they will go a long way!"

Dean Taylor Founder Cracka Wines, CEO Kaddy

If you want to do better business on mobile - it's time to get intouch.

Build your brand, offer better user experiences for mobile clients and optimize engagement with your mobile customers

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