API & Webhook Integration

Integrated with your stack

You don't want to be shifting data from platform to platform.

intouch has a complete set of API’s and Webhooks to enable integration with existing marketing stacks - as well as deep integration with a number of marketing platforms.

We recognise the value in enabling customised communications to be automatically sent, based on your organisation's defined customer journey “triggers” via our simple, scalable and secure APIs.

Intouch Integrations

Our focus is on delivering mobile commerce solutions that represent easy, fast and frictionless engagement experiences for your mobile customers.

We have developed a comprehensive set of API's and Webhooks. We can quickly integrate with industry leading CDP & CRM tech stacks, manage data and security without costly development, time and skills investments.

We believe the best approach to achieve business outcomes is to work with existing tech stack investments, incorporate function delivered by best of breed 3rd party tools and to optimize the customer experience using core functions of the mobile handset.

So if your companies tech stack is not in this list, don't worry. Let's talk and we can make it so.

Why intouch?

Easy to Use, a complete set of tools to enable marketing teams to easily curate, personalize and track campaigns with no coding required.
Easy to use

A comprehensive toolkit for marketing teams to create, personalize, send, integrate, and track campaigns without coding. Designed with a focus on mobile end users who prefer tapping over typing.

Advanced personalization

Add up to 22 unique data tags inside your MMS content, allowing your customers to receive deeply personalized, visual messages at scale.

Revenue driving, with 100% views, 90% plus open rates and CTRs like the very early days of email
Revenue driving

With 100% views, 90% plus open rates and CTR's like the very early days of email, you can be confident your mobile marketing is being seen and your efforts aren’t going to waste.

Tracking & Reporting

Track and analyze your customer's engagement with real-time reporting tools. Measure success and progress towards your marketing goals.

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