intouch + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Make mobile journeys easier, faster and frictionless for your clients.


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Convert your customers with features that count

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Personalised Outreach

Incorporate in your brand messaging 22 custom data variables linked with your customer data onto every image. Enabling richer personalisation and contextualisation
by delivering visuals that build trust and value of each message sent.

Explore Personalisation
Explore Personalisation


Connect and engage with your customers through personalised coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards and passes on mobile for mobile. Own their mobile wallet and push both time-sensitive and location-based notifications though the intouch platform.

Explore Add2Wallet
Explore Add2Wallet


Created to streamline the purchasing journey directly from their phones. By leveraging Single Sign-On (SSO) and one-tap payment technology, Tap2Buy creates a frictionless marketplace that empowers customers to make purchases with minimal interaction.

Explore Tap2Buy
Explore Tap2Buy


Streamline the purchase and gifting of mobile gift cards made easily redeemable online or in-store. Enable your customers to keep branded cards in their mobile wallet, granting you the power to send push notifications and gain live insights into cardholder activities.

Explore Tap2Gift
Explore Tap2Gift

intouch Features

Extending the capabilities of Marketing Cloud include:

Unique personalisation of every MMS image at scale, enabling invoicing, renewals, offers, campaigns, vouchers etc. to be delivered direct to the native text inbox.
Integrated Canva design tools.
Build design and launch campaigns within MC Journey Builder.
Add2Wallet Module, enabling push/update messaging as well as automated calendar and geolocation push messaging.
Plain language URL to build trust and minimise character count.
Pre-authorised secure deliverables using MobileDigital’s US Patent. module for one tap mobile checkout sales, and mobile mall. module for secure, pre-authorised gift cards, ready to use requiring no additional link for use.
Preference centre, list building and cleaning tools.