Service Level Agreement

Last updated: July 12, 2022


This document describes the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the MobileDigital intouch Mobile Portal Service.

This Service Level Agreement is designed to ensure that there is a shared understanding between the Customer and MobileDigital in relation to the service levels to be provided.

Customer service is accessible via live chat when signed into the portal via Zendesk ticketed system. Customer issues will first be logged here.

Networks are monitored 24*7 by Aws services Cloudwatch Service and any outages or errors are pushed from Cloudwatch to SNS and then to linked PagerDuty account, these include but are not limited to slow network packet sending responses, network outage, heavy traffic warnings and scheduled maintenance warnings.

PagerDuty has rules to alert appropriate support staff and has escalation rules in place in case of no logged response that will send messages to mobiles of support staff if they do not respond to reported incidents.

MobileDigital offers an SLA for its clients signed up to the intouch Mobile Service. This SLA defines the following:

• Service Availability Objectives
• Fault Severity Levels
• Target Response times to Faults
• Rebates for breach of Service Availability Targets
• Performance metrics

Service Level Agreement

Item Performance Objectives
Service Availability Target: 99.95% Measured Monthly
Service Availability Window: 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Scheduled Outages: Not included in the monthly service availability target.

Fault Severity Levels

• Minor : Degradation in service performance, with service continuity remaining.
• Major : Intermittent service stoppages, causing intermittent service disruption.
• Critical : Continuous service stoppage, causing complete service disruption.

Fault Response Time Targets

MobileDigital provides the following target response times, for support queries, within the specified time periods.

Fault Severity Level 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday Target Response* Other Times Target Response
Minor 4 Hours 8 Hours
Major 2 Hour 4 Hours
Critical 15 Minutes 1 Hour
*Excluding National or State Public Holidays (reverts to Other Times Target Response Times)

Service Availability

MobileDigital will provide the following rebates for failure to attain the Service Availability Target, as indicated above.

Service Unavailability during Window Rebate Entitlement
Up to 2 hours Nil
Between 2 to 6 hours 5% of single months service access charge
Greater than 6 hours 10% of single months service access charge

Service Installation

MobileDigital will provide the following rebates for failure to attain the Service Installation Target, as indicated above.

Installation Delays Rebate Entitlement
Up to 5 business days delay Nil
6 to 10 working days delay 15% of monthly service access charge
Greater than 10 working days delay 25% of monthly service access charge

Fault Restoration Time Targets

MobileDigital provides the following mean time to repair targets, for the specific fault levels.

Fault Level Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
Minor, Major, Critical 4 Hours
Network Outage/ break No Guarantee – See OTHER PRACTICES MAY BE RELEVANT IN DETERMINING LEGITIMATE USE Clause in Terms and Conditions
Telstra Line Fault – 8x5xNBD 24 Hours

A ticket must be lodged with MobileDigital

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