Designing MMS – Think Visual

February 23, 2019

It is important when designing MMS and pitching your vision for mobile that designers take into consideration the small screen, and where possible prepare images to represent a brand, but not necessarily with the same imaging that has been used for other media.  Mobile phone users are keen for visual content-  when we talk about the 6-second attention span of the mobile user – we are not talking short attention span – we are talking a  greedy attention span – a mobile user wants to be constantly interested. The right imagery tells the story quickly and the mobile user gets it quickly.  

We Recommend Consideration Of The Following When Briefing Design Teams
  1. Make it Personal - whatever the offer or the message, mobile is personal. Use tone-of-voice, context, empathy, understanding and, use names and even nicknames when available
  3. Make it Emotional - mobile is about eliciting an emotional response within 6-8 seconds. What reaction do you wish to evoke? Will it be serious, fun, adventurous, empathetic, whimsical or something else?
  5. Make it Easy - good links for the recipient to do something, in active links (in accompanying text message)
  7. Make it Contextual - linking the message to past experience
  9. Make it Worthwhile - there is a fine line between a great deal and annoying someone with another useless offer - finding that balance is tough but worthwhile

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