Don't Break The ACMA Rules, It Can Be Costly

February 23, 2019

The SPAM Act has been around since 2003. There have been a number of updates etc..  MobileDigital Pty Ltd in all practices complies with regulations and practices as set down by ACMA  and the SPAM Act, and guidance from ADMA.  Most SMS and MMS organisations rely on the provisions of Inferred Consent for sending marketing communications, offers or rewards.  We strongly recommend that our clients ask and respond YES to the following three questions when sending SMS and MMS messages.

  1. will the receiver expect this communication, because they have dealt with you before, and that this is a reasonable extension to that existing relationship
  3. are you acting in a professional manner,  talking about business services and clearly state who you are and how they can get in touch with you
  5. have you included a clear and very easy way for the recipient to opt out and NEVER receive electronic communication from you again

There are a number of key sections that companies sending electronic messages should make themselves aware of.  


Inferred Consent,

Who or What is exempt from The SPAM Act

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