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Golden Ticket - Instant Party

February 23, 2019
Example of the MMS gif for an event ticket

Showpo is a Sydney-based, Australian online fashion retailer. Primarily aimed at young women, the company’s vision is “to be her go-to place to shop”. As of June 2017, Showpo’s annual revenue was $30 million, with 35% of sales occurring internationally.  Showpo’s CEO Jane Lu has described the company’s social media branding as its “biggest competitive advantage”. As of Feb 2018 the company has 1.1 million followers on Facebook.  MobileDigital has been working with Showpo since 2016 and they were one of our first clients to start independently using SNIPER.  We NEVER expected that Showpo would use SNIPER for this. It is wonderful and such a clever engagement and branding exercise.  Showpo, late in December 2017 realised they were about to ship their one-millionth order.  No small feat, so in true Showpo fashion, excuse the pun, they decided to throw a party, that week, yes you read correctly, that week!  Invitations were sent out to a select VIP customer group by SMS, advising that first in best dressed (done it again with the pun) with invitees being asked to text back to get a spot at the party. Showpo were able to see these responses as they came into SNIPER’s two-way conversation management tool and then send Golden Tickets using MMS  direct to the mobile phones of those attending. No link required. The ticket arrived ready to show.  The Golden Showpo Ticket had to be shown at the door to get into the party.  Beat that Willy Wonker!  Just imagine how many people the receivers of the Golden Ticket showed it to, everyone who received one would have become an instant brand ambassador, and we’d bet that months later, they are still showing people!!  Key thoughts about this use of MMS, SMS and two-way text response tools:

  • small segment marketing – picked a group and went for it with a quality, we care about impression/brand approach
  • instant communications –  receivers could respond by text
  • how long and how much to get these printed
  • Tone –  Showpo recipients must have thought “how cool are these guys” and how “tech savvy”! Jane Lu knows that 83% of millennial’s prefer direct to phone communications above email and phone,  and 89% prefer messaging to mobiles as opposed to phone contact.
  • brand building –  it is a testament to just how clever and responsive this brand is.

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