Communication is Personal

July 25, 2023

Every bit of advertising since John Wannamaker put his first advertising copy in the New York Times in the late 1800’s has been aimed at getting your attention and then selling/delivering you the message.  Wannamaker started what went on to become Macy’s and is famous for his quote “half of my advertising budget works and half doesn’t, I only wish I knew which half”.  

With intouch by MobileDigital, when you think about your message, you know the person you are sending to is going to receive the message in their hand, as a visual stimulant to action, so your message has to be about what action you are seeking, not so much about trying to get the attention of the receiver.  You have their attention, as you have delivered your personalised visual into their hand.  

So what are you going to do with this amazing 1:1 access that you have never had before?

Are you going to deliver a stadium message or are you going to deliver a message that resonates with that person on a 1:1 level, that shows empathy to the receiver, that offers value, that respects the time they are taking to look at what you have sent them.  Personalised mobile communications requires' a new approach – it isn’t an EDM, it isn’t a one size fits all message –  your personalised, individual, visual message to each of your clients sent at scale, has to touch every receiver as if you are addressing them and them alone, because when they see your message –  you are 1:1 with them.

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