New Version of MMS Builder

October 7, 2021

We have some very exciting news regarding significant improvements in the SNIPER Text Message Marketing (TMM)  Platform.  You will be aware that recently we integrated the platform with Canva enabling users to now build very powerful .png images, as well as .gif images - without the need for a designer.     Today we are announcing a total re-design of the MMS Builder component within SNIPER - and these developments have been released overnight!     The new very much improved MMS Builder is easier to use, much faster and enables significantly increased flexibility in design, personalisation, movement and 2WAY responses.          

During the pandemic, we have definitely seen an increase in the use of SMS and MMS (Rich or Premium Text).  Regrettably, we are also seeing a huge increase in SMS phishing, identity theft, and other scams, and this is having the effect of reducing trust in SMS messaging.

We believe that the right mix of MMS messaging and SMS messaging enables brands to build trust in their client's phones. Personalisation of every message and the use of brand imagery goes a long way to build trust in your communications.  All MMS's can also contain a VCARD to build more trust. Building a trusted brand in your clients phones will set a great platform for your ongoing engagement with your mobile clients.

MMS has come of age in the US market.  In 2020 in the USA the use of MMS grew 28%,  USA Text Message Marketing player Tatango claimed over 18% of 2020 Black Friday Messages were MMS.  Text Message Marketing Company Attentive claims their clients are receipting $71.00 for every TMM dollar spent, and that 20% of their online revenue is now being generated by TMM.

If it's working there, it will work here - and we have multiple local success stories to support that view.

November and December are going to be chaotic when FREEDOM comes, as online retailers try to secure their new pandemic windfall clients with onboarding activity and traditional retailers fight to bring clients back to brand and instore.

We have expanded our team, so if you think you might like to revisit or try MMS as a differentiator this quarter please reach out and we can have a chat.

Eibhlis, myself and our team hope you get value out of the new MMS Builder.



        MobileDigital's business focus has been ONLY on text message marketing since 2013. Our company has developed a global leading set of tools and patented personalisation capabilities, that enables marketers with an easy-to-use and implement full-function text marketing platform that can deliver unique personalised visual and text campaigns on a 1:1 basis, at scale.     Marketers have never had a channel this powerful.  No matter how good the channel, and irrespective of how powerful and easy to use the SNIPER platform is, at MobileDigital we believe in supporting your experience with what works and what doesn't work for your clients.  We will work with you ...     Working with MobileDigital we hope you'll value our assistance and skills as Australia's most experienced specialist text marketing organisation.  


  If you would like any information, please reach out via email, or through the support desk.     Yours faithfully,     Aine Kose  Customer Operations Manager  


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