Rich Text Messaging Data

October 13, 2021

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is the standard protocol for sending multimedia messages, which is used to send the message that includes content such as video, audio, GIFs, pictures.  Although MMS as a mode of communication has been available since the ealy 2000's  it was not utilized on a full scale until recently.  Two main reasons - The First: in 2011, less than 30% of the  world had smartphones, and only smartphones get MMS.   Second,  Telco's charged too much for MMS in 2011, and by 2012 there was a huge exodus to FB and WhatAPP for person to person image trading.  While SMS may  have reached close to its maximum stage of growth, MMS is still ina  very strong growth stage, as it has not been fully utilized by marketers in the US, Australia or the UK for sales, brand and/or loyalty campaigns,  nor has it been picked up for invoicing , utility bills, insurance renewals and delivery of anything visual like prescriptions, quotes .. and the list goes on.  Rich messaging allows more characters than SMS extending the length beyond the  limitations of SMS.  The benefits associated with the deployment of MMS marketing are -  The rising preference of MMS marketing over SMS owing to its dynamic content delivery through the rich media content through MMS link, WAP message, standouts the campaign with creativity and memorable effect.   In addition, bulk MMS is considered a strong way to run an interactive campaign for the larger customer base.   The business organizations making use of MMS are seeing click-through rates that are 52%  higher than SMS.  

 With the increasing business opportunities, there has been a rise in the demand for MMS messaging in order to enhance the offerings and satisfy customer needs.  The industries such as in-store, online stores, e-commerce, telecommunication, healthcare, BFSI have a higher degree of dependency on messaging solutions. It aids to build loyalty and awareness which leads boost the revenue. This segment is expected to grow at a higher rate in the forecasted period.  


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