SMS and MMS - Performance Marketing and Performance Branding

March 10, 2024
Brand personality and Visual identity

SMS & MMS are Powerful Performance Tools for Performance Marketing and Performance Branding.     Short Message Service (SMS) has developed to become the primary transactional messaging tool for two factor authentication, delivery advice and appointment reminders.  

More recently, SMS is experiencing a resurgence..... increasingly being applied in a marketing sales context as an outstanding platform to generate sales responses. SMS falls very much into the definition of performance marketing.  

Performance marketing refers to the form of digital marketing where marketers pay for specific actions or measurable results, such as clicks, conversions, or sales.

SMS can be used to drive immediate actions and measurable results. For example, businesses can send targeted SMS messages with promotional offers, discounts, or time-sensitive deals to a specific audience. The focus of these communications is on generating click-throughs, conversions, or sales directly from the SMS campaign.

The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) channel delivers visual imagery direct to the smartphone text inbox.  This side of Covid MMS has experienced a resurgence and is now one of the fastest growing marketing channels. Marketers can deliver their branded multimedia content, such as images, videos, audio clips, personalisation  and even interactive elements.  The MMS channel provides a significantly superior immersive and visually engaging experience for recipients.

MMS is a powerful performance branding channel. Performance Branding recognises the importance of generating measurable results while also emphasizing the long-term value and impact of brand awareness and brand equity.  

Performance branding aims to create a strong brand presence that can drive both immediate actions and long-term customer association, loyalty and advocacy. Performance branding takes a broader view by considering the value of brand recognition, customer trust, and emotional connections with the audience. It seeks to create a brand identity that resonates with consumers, builds credibility, brand attachment and differentiates the brand from competitors.

Working within the MMS channel can deliver both performance marketing and performance branding objectives. In all but a very few cases, the immediate sales results using the MMS channel are an improvement on SMS messaging.

The MMS channel is more expensive than SMS. The challenge for marketers is striking optimum balance. The choices are made more difficult as the performance branding impacts of MMS are not immediately or easily quantifiable. Our observations are that MMS can have a significant impact on long-term business success and acknowledges that strong brand equity drives increased customer lifetime value, higher customer retention rates, and improved customer perception.

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