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SNIPER™ monetized 2,173 non-customers

February 23, 2019

Harris Farm Markets is an Australian grocery chain with 26 (and counting) different locations in New South Wales, plus a butchers store in Willoughby, and a “dark store” online setup to manage their online users. The supermarkets specialise in fruit, vegetables, delicatessen and other grocery items. They are Australia’s biggest individual retailer of fruit and vegetables and promote 'odd-shaped' fruit called "Imperfect Picks".    Harris Farm Markets sought to run a campaign to convert registered online but NEVER purchased into purchasers, with the secondary objective of building their brand through the promotion.  The secondary objective, Harris Farm Markets (Harris Farm) wanted to convey their brand messages to all campaign recipients, to re-build or reinforce key brand messages in the minds of the recipients.  

 The target audience for the campaign totalled almost 11,000. Harris Farm determined there were three (3) client segments the campaign would address:  1. Clients who had registered online with Harris Farm and not ever purchased online 2. Clients who had registered online, went through the order process to fill a shopping basket and abandoned cart at checkout 3. A group of disengaged clients who had not opened an email or purchased online in over 10 buying cycles.  On 26th March 2017, a unique animated personalised MMS .gif message was delivered into the text box of smartphones users as a written message with a moving animated image that did not require a link to access and contained the core messages of the campaign and offering a significant financial incentive place an order online.  5 days after the visual message was sent, an SMS text reminder message was sent. MobileDigital allocates a dedicated mobile number to each client, therefore text message reminders are delivered in the same text inbox as the visual message and act to reduce user fear of fraud, and remind recipients of the offer. Two days before the expiration of the offer, another SMS is sent to the recipient as a call to action to redeem the offer.  The campaign achieved objectives well beyond Harris Farm's expectations.

  1. Harris Farm intended to deliver the campaign message to 10,961 mobile numbers it had in its records. Telstra advised that 10,899 of the campaign messages were delivered to mobile phones on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks. This represents a reach of over 99.7%.
  3. Of the 10,899 who received the offer, 2,173 took up the offer and purchased online with Harris Farm in the offer period that represents a sales redemption rate of 19.94%
  5. 302 people from the list of 10,899 opted out during the campaign, that represents an opt-out rate of 2.77%
  7. 10,899 people saw the .gif Harris Farm offer and brand
  9. Harris Farm anecdotally believes that the offer had a very positive impact on their brand

As an anecdote to the power of visuals, 9 months later clients contacted with the offer remember the visual and the Harris Farm brand.  Source: ACMA Award Submission 2017

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