The Allure of AI in Marketing

September 6, 2023

Sure! AI is currently the next big thing, and may glitter in all the light of a thousand suns focused on it right now. But text marketing is GOLD !

It’s no secret that the world of marketing moves fast, with many professionals often accused of being like magpies - easily distracted by the next shiny object. This trend is not new, but the rapid rate at which marketing technology and strategies evolve has only accelerated this tendency. The latest glitzy object catching marketers' eyes? Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Allure of AI in Marketing

Without a doubt, AI has transformed various industries, and the buzz around it is justified. A quick peek at the data supports this:

  • According to the McKinsey Global Institute, AI could potentially deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030.
  • Gartner reports that AI-derived business value is forecast to reach $3.9 trillion by 2022.
  • IDC predicts that AI global spending will double in the next four years, reaching $110 billion by 2024.

But, it's essential to remember that just because a technology is new and exciting doesn't mean it's always the most effective, especially when not appropriately utilized.

Text Messaging: The Underestimated Powerhouse

While the world raves about AI's potential to revolutionize marketing with tailored content and improved personalization, we seem to have forgotten an existing tool that, when used correctly, already offers incredible ROI: text messaging (both SMS and MMS).

Text messaging has been around for decades, and its value in marketing is undebatable:

  • The average open rate for SMS marketing messages is a whopping 98%, compared to email's 20%.
  • 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
  • SMS response rates are 295% higher than the response rates from phone calls.

Despite these impressive statistics, many businesses, particularly SMBs, have not yet tapped into the potential of SMS and MMS marketing. They remain focused on more expensive strategies like mobile app development, often thinking it's the only way to compete with bigger players.

But here’s the reality: with a well-implemented SMS and MMS marketing strategy, SMBs and even corporate businesses can achieve amazing ROI, often surpassing those who have sunk resources into developing mobile apps. It's more cost-effective, direct, and it reaches customers in real-time.

Refocusing on What Truly Matters

This isn't to say that AI doesn't have a place in marketing. It undoubtedly does. Its potential to analyze vast amounts of data and make insightful decisions is transformative. However, marketers need to ask themselves whether they've truly maximized existing technologies before jumping onto the next big thing.

Before being enamored by AI, businesses should ensure they have thoroughly explored the simpler, more immediate opportunities right in front of them. Text messaging is a prime example of a marketing tool that is powerful, yet frequently overlooked in the clamor for the latest technologies.

In conclusion, it's high time marketers focus on harnessing the full potential of proven strategies like SMS and MMS marketing. Only after mastering these should we look towards integrating newer technologies like AI to complement and enhance, not replace, what's already working. Remember, it’s not always about the newest tool in the shed, but the most effective one.

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