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Salesforce has an unwavering commitment to the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) program and their partners. This can be attributed to several strategic and value-driven reasons.  By nurturing and supporting ISVs, Salesforce recognises it cannot be all things to all needs, and the ISV program broadens and deepens its ecosystem, ensuring that its platform remains adaptable, extensive, and innovative.

Salesforce Partner, find our intouch app on Salesforce Marketing Cloud App Exchange

MobileDigital joined the ISV program in 1stquarter 2023.   ISV partners (like MobileDigital) offer enhanced value for Salesforce clients by providing them with a plethora of solutions tailored to specific industry needs and challenges and filling in the “whitespaces” that will inevitably exist between market requirements and Salesforce product features.  
By working closely with partners, Salesforce gains a vantage point one merging market trends, helping it remain at the cutting edge of customer relationship management. Furthermore, partners contribute to the company's growth by expanding its reach into new markets and verticals. This symbiotic relationship ensures that both Salesforce and its partners thrive, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and mutual success.

In our case, MobileDigital are mobile experience specialists, the intouch platform has been developed using UCD (User Centred Design) techniques, working closely with marketing professionals, in real live customer situations to respond to the continually shifting expectations of mobile consumers.

Marketing Cloud has a huge number of strengths particularly with its capabilities for segmentation and personalisation, as well as its industry leading journey planner tools.  MobileDigital recognises the power of personalisation and journeys and how these capabilities sync with mobile customer expectations of context, relevance, timeliness and personalisation when interacting with brands.

In 2022 MobileDigital rewrote our platform to deeply integrate with marketing cloud, so as access was available to Salesforce data and Marketing Cloud journey planner via a single sign on, and interfaces that map all Salesforce data extensions, ensuring no data conflicts and enabling hyper personalisation of every mobile interaction, at scale.

intouch Features

Extending the capabilities of Marketing Cloud include:

Unique personalisation of every MMS image at scale, enabling invoicing, renewals, offers, campaigns, vouchers etc. to be delivered direct to the native text inbox.
Integrated Canva design tools.
Build design and launch campaigns within MC Journey Builder.
Add2Wallet Module, enabling push/update messaging as well as automated calendar and geolocation push messaging.
Plain language URL to build trust and minimise character count.
Pre-authorised secure deliverables using MobileDigital’s US Patent. module for one tap mobile checkout sales, and mobile mall. module for secure, pre-authorised gift cards, ready to use requiring no additional link for use.
Preference centre, list building and cleaning tools.

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